Grants, Solicitations, & Contracts

Our A.I. tools enables us to identify and present perfect opportunities

Fund Your Future

Full-Service Solutions

Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of finding and responding to grants and solicitations ensuring that your proposals stand out among the competition. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we streamline the entire process, from identifying suitable grants and solicitations to crafting compelling responses.

CXCI helps maximize your chances of success and guides you through the processes. Explore our comprehensive range of services today and unlock the opportunities waiting for you.

Register & Research

Credential & search for relevant grants and contract opportunities.

Plan & Submit

Ensure your response is complete, accurate, and organized. Our data enables competitive bids.

Manage & Deliver

Effective evaluation strategies to measure outcomes of your project or contract.

CXCI Register your business today.

Register Your Organization

Full-Service Solutions

You’re able to register your Organization with all Government Entities FOR FREE, yourself! We provide FREE self-help guides on how to register. If the process becomes too complicated, we will assist you with registration and maintenance.

Research Your Opportunities

Full-Service Solutions

There are over 100 Government Agencies that offer grants and solicitations. Some Agencies have Multiple Departments that list opportunities across each database, separately and tend to be difficult to track.

Grants & Solicitations

Fund Your Future

Full-Service Solutions

Grants and solicitations may be awarded funding, but time, accountability, and deliverables are consuming. Economic responsibility is required of all Clients. Win contracts that will drive your company’s revenue and growth.

Protect Your Equity

Full-Service Solutions

Receive Funding to achieve your goals without giving up equity. The majority of government funding sources eliminates complexities such as valuations, equity negotiations, lawyers, private placement memorandums, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Find & Apply For Funding, Myself?

YES! Absolutely, please feel free to visit to search for open opportunities.

Is it Difficult to get funding?

Yes, the Government puts many measures in place to ensure that funding isn’t misused or misappropriated. Application deadlines are inherently difficult to submit to due to regulations and incompetencies. A grant or solicitation may be approved in January, but due to regulations or Congressional Approval isn’t authorized for release until May even though the original deadline is intended to be due in June. These shortcomings create funding gaps, qualified projects to fall short, and deadlines to be missed.

Is it hard to win contracts?

Initially, yes since your company likely does not have records in the Past Performance database of Government contracts where a Procurement Officer logs the results of past awards. We can provide your company with advice and recommendations on lessening those requirements, when applicable.

Are Deadlines, Deadlines?

Yes, even though there are significant registrations and frequent updates required, technical glitches in uploading submissions are not excuses for filing late. Each department has its’ own application guidelines, yet as you are chasing those deadlines most applicants don’t realize they should have started the submission process immediately. Pre-registering for individual applications significantly increases to probability of not missing deadlines due to unforeseen circumstances. The LAST thing you need is to discover there are an additional series of random questions required last minute in order to upload your files while you’re hard-pressed against a 5pm or 9am submission deadline.

Does CXCI only have access to Federal Opportunities?

No, our A.I. tools plug directly into each level of government from local City to County, to State, and Federal, as well, that’s to the Freedom Of Information Act. 

Service Matrix

Infinite Growth

Business Growth

Whether you are ready to start your business or your business already exists, your business is either stationary, or already in motion.

Win Government Contracts

Government Contracting

Do you offer services or sell products, but don’t know where to start or how to even get started? We will help you get started and compete.

Win Grants, SBIRs & STTRs

Grants & SBIR/STTR’s

Does your business need financial assistance to develop advanced technologies? We will help you find funding.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence Services

Are you or your business a high-profile potential target for malicious actors? Our Partners have global reach and protection to assist.

CXCI Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

Is your company or employer seeking new sources of opportunities? We have you covered from environmental & laboratory testing.

CXCI Sales and Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Do you need to find new avenues for sales or enter new markets? We provide support and deploy new methods to fit your needs.

Tailored Strategies

If you landed here for one need and have discovered even more possibilities, we will customize service offerings suited for you.